November 28, 2013

Being Thankful

I said I wouldn't write until January, but alas here I am. Kudos for whoever actually checks this on a regular basis! Let's get sentimental, if you don't want to do that you should probably stop reading now! Anyway, if you're in touch with me, you know I've gotten back to the great state of Minnesota. It is so COLD here. But it's really great to be home. I have been welcomed home with open arms and ears and it's been wonderful. I am SO thankful I am back--and for my AMAZING family and friends.

BUT culture shock is an actual thing--I figured I would just fit back into the life I left. I was very mistaken, living in a country for 8 months can really change how you view normal. It has been hard to try and make my family and friends here in America really understand--not that they don't want to, they just can't. 

I landed exactly a week ago today. I could start making a list of all of the things I am thankful for but it would be so long, probably even endless--and it would start with my family friends, electricity and water. I know my culture shock will diminish and I will begin to once again find myself fitting in here. 

But, I wanted to take this blog to say a special "thank you/I am thankful for" to my fellow volunteers--better yet, my PCDR family. Since I have been home; they have been checking up on me, calling me, letting me vent/cry/yell/complain, and also reminding me that they haven't forgotten about me. Today they celebrated Thanksgiving together. I received many messages saying how much they wished I could have been there and that they miss me--and trust me, that rooftop pool looked pretty great.

Peace Corps, thus far, has been a crazy experience. If it weren't for them, I doubt I would have made it past the first week. But here I am, 8 months later, back for a bit, but not down and never out. We've gone through a lot and made some really great memories--517-13-01, Sanchez Ramirez kidz, as well as my other DR volunteers. And here's my big THANK YOU/HUG/I LOVE YOU from across the ocean, cerca de Nueva Yol--obviously. And I could not let this day go past without saying something. I also made this pretty sweet collage of a few of our memories together, because, why not?! Here's to many more, si Dios quiere, and I am really hoping he does!

Learning to be American again and remembering to speak English,


P.S. If you're in Minnesota and would like to see me and/or hear me talk about my PCDR life, let me know, I have the same numero.

P.P.S. Family and friends in America I am also SO VERY thankful for you--just feeling sentimental--ya dig? Also, you get real hugs from me right now, so you win ;)

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