November 17, 2013

See you later, alligator

I’ve been regretting writing this or even posting anything at all. But here goes nothing. On Thursday I will be getting on a plane to fly home. I know what most of you are already thinking…what?! It’s not December yet. And you’re right, it isn’t. I’m not coming home for vacation anymore—I am being medically evacuated. After a series of events happened in my site and with my women’s group, I decided that it was in my best interest to leave the country for 45 days to focus on my health. This was entirely my decision and Peace Corps is supporting my fully in this decision.

Currently I cannot say for sure if I will be returning to the country in January.  A lot has happened in the 8 months that I have been here, and I know a lot can happen in the month and a half when I’m at home. After the 45 days Peace Corps will evaluate me and will either medically clear me (if they do that I can choose to go back or not) or they will tell me that I need more time to focus on my health and I will be medically separated.

Before I end this brief post, I want to thank my Peace Corps DR family and those in my community,  first and foremost for supporting me in my decision to return home; and also for the continued love and support through messages, phone calls, and visits. I also want to thank my parents, family and friends at home for their willingness to welcome me back and support me in this. This has not been an easy decision, but I know that it will be best for me in the long run.
So this blog will be on hiatus until January. And I’ll be trying not to freeze to death in Minnesota ;)

Preparing for winter,


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