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Hey you!

Since you obviously have time to look at my blog, why not write me a letter/postcard and stick it in the mail?!

Lauren Johnson, PCV

Cuerpo de Paz
Av Bolivar 451, Gazcue
Apartado Postal 1412
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Note: If you're super great and decide you want to send me more than a note, please make sure it fits into a padded envelope, otherwise they charge me a ton of money to get it.  Also please do not send it via DHL or FedEx. It will get stopped at customs and I will have to pay a large amount to receive the package. And the larger the package the more likely it may be stolen or never reach me. Also for a little more security add some crosses. And it may take a few weeks for me to actually receive it.

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  1. Hi Lauren, we are producing a film about 3 PCV like you. Check us out, share and like us!