February 12, 2014

I'm Back (well, almost)

Well this post is a long time coming. Let me tell you. Being home has been wonderful, minus the two Polar Vortexes. I get the question almost daily, of when I will be returning, and it has been hard not having an answer to that question.  But I have always had the intention of returning to the DR. And after months of waiting, countless emails and phone calls, Peace Corps has finally given me an answer. They are allowing me to return to a new site. What site is that? I have no idea. They are currently working on that, and said it could take a month or so.

More waiting, but at least I know what I'm waiting for. And even better, I will not be returning to my old site, Cotui. With that being said, being home does not actually extend the time that I have in the DR. I will still be eligible to end my service in May of 2015, which is why I really want to get back as soon as possible. And get on a beach as soon as possible. This post is brief, but I will keep you updated when I find out more!

Still waiting,


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