July 13, 2013

My 4th of July in Photos

For the 4th of July about half of the volunteers in country went to Las Galeras, Samana (northern peninsula) and spent a few days on the beach. Sometimes I forget I live on an island. But then I take a bus for a few hours...and there it is! I thought this post would be better in pictures then me describing how beautiful everything was.
La Playita. Soaking up some sun and swiming!
Playing some volleyball. (That wood pile to the left was our bonfire that night!)

Barbecuing. Amerikan style.
On the 5th we took a boat to Playa Fronton. 

Playa Fronton. Only way to get here is to hike or boat--less people and no vendors!

There were a lot of reefs. Could snorkle, couldn't swim.

Site neighbor Sammy on the boat!
Susan and me leaving Fronton..with a little more sun than we came with:)

All in all it was a great few days with other volunteers. It was the longest time I have spent out of my site since I arrived in May. And these beaches made up for not being at Rainy Lake.  And now I have less than a month left before my diagnostic presentation. Better get to work!

Back to reality,


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